1989: Rain Man (Guest: Daniel Valdez)


This month we jump right into what could be the world's first pop culture introduction to Savant Autism. The movie inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of hack parodies. The question is: does the film itself hold up as a magnifying glass to the psychology and social dynamic of it all? Listen to find out!

You can read Daniel's work at Smear and Unicorn Booty. In fact here's an article published last week!
You can also catch his stand up routine if you live in, or near, the Austin area.
Follow him on twitter! @MajestyShreddin

Time Codes
Cold Open  ->  0:00
Rain Man  ->  3:10
Dangerous Liaisons  ->  45:17
Mississippi Burning  ->  50:19
Working Girl  ->  57:35
Other Oscar Tidbids   ->  59:29
Plugs  ->  1:10:23