Special: The 90th Academy Awards Nominees Extravaganza! (Guests: Robert Beach & Sarah Case)


We take a break from our regular programming to bring you this special episode where we're joined by TWO guests to discuss last year's best films (as determined by the Academy members).

Edited by: Robert Beach

Films discussed:
- Call Me By Your Name
- Darkest Hour
- Dunkirk
- Get Out
- Lady Bird
- Phantom Thread
- The Post
- The Shape of Water
- Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

1989: Rain Man (Guest: Daniel Valdez)


This month we jump right into what could be the world's first pop culture introduction to Savant Autism. The movie inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of hack parodies. The question is: does the film itself hold up as a magnifying glass to the psychology and social dynamic of it all? Listen to find out!

You can read Daniel's work at Smear and Unicorn Booty. In fact here's an article published last week!
You can also catch his stand up routine if you live in, or near, the Austin area.
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Time Codes
Cold Open  ->  0:00
Rain Man  ->  3:10
Dangerous Liaisons  ->  45:17
Mississippi Burning  ->  50:19
Working Girl  ->  57:35
Other Oscar Tidbids   ->  59:29
Plugs  ->  1:10:23

2007: The Departed (Guest: Conor Wade)

This month we dive deep undercover inside both the Irish Mafia and the Boston police force with what many consider Scorsese's best work post-Goodfellas. Did the movie deserve the long awaited win for the critically acclaimed director?
As always with us (with a notable exception) yes.. yes it did.

Winner: The Departed
- Babel
- Letters from Iwo-Jima
- Little Miss Sunshine
- The Queen

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2013: Argo (Guest: Brendan Ralph)

This month we tackle the 3rd film by Ben Affleck that blends periodical story-telling and political intrigue. Does it balance all of its disparate elements (CIA negotiations, Hollywood deception, and fear of the foreign threat) well?
Spoiler: Yes. Absolutely.
In the second half of the show, we try to juggle the other EIGHT nominees. Oh boy...

Winner: Fargo
- Amour
- Beasts of the Southern Wild
- Django Unchained
- Les Miserables
- Life of Pi
- Lincoln
- Silver Linings Playbook
- Zero Dark Thirty

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1996: Braveheart (Guest: Corey Newberry)

This week we tackle Mel Gibson's magnum opus. Plus a talking pig and... Seabiscuit?

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2000: American Beauty (Guest: David Dang)

This month we tackle one of the (allegedly) most overrated Oscars winners of all time. What do we think of it? The answer may surprise you.

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Fun fact: after we recorded the episode, we discovered that one of the Oscar-nominated directors made a dog's purpose! You'll NEVER guess which one. (Spoiler: the not so good one)