How I Composed The Top Films of 2017

Every year movie fans (myself included) try to rank what they deem the best, or of just their favorite, movies released from January till December of the previous year. Traditionally it comes in that neat “Top 10 of..” form. It’s easy to compose, fun to read, and provides enough fuel to last a thousand lifetimes. 

For this year however I’m taking a different approach. My main reason is that I noticed that I don’t feel strongly about the rankings even just a couple of months after making the list. A secondary, quite crucial, reason is that we subconsciously forget about adding documentaries & foreign (read: non-English) language films because of the overexposure to movies promoted by the various awards ceremonies, especially the Oscars. So I did what I usually do in my spare time... orchestrate a (slightly) convoluted alternative to the tried and true method.

First, highlighted 5 movies in three different categories: 

  • Awards Darlings: movies showered with praise from the major awards ceremonies.
  • Commercial Favorites: movies that cracked the never-ending puzzle of appealing to the masses AND the critical consencious.
  • The Underdogs:  movies severely overlooked by almost everyone. Some makes sense, and some baffle me as to why. 

You’ll notice a couple of movies that intersect with 2 of the categories mentioned above. For example, there are some film being awarded at the independent awards circuit that I would’ve LOVED to include within the Awards Darlings ranks. Unfortunately those are far and few between and not in the public’s conscious. Hell even some movie lovers who haven’t even heard of them! And there movies who were a hit with the general audience that are also scoring big at the Oscars. I’ve given each of them considerable thought, and I’ve included them in the categories in which they’ll be remembered for. 

Second, I’ve added two additional categories:

  • Documentary of the Year. 
  • Foriegn Film of the Year

 I noticed that I don’t watch many Docs or Non-English Films. I do try and watch as many as I can (when I remember). The reason I included them in a separate list is because I don’t think they fit any of the categories. Besides, I’d love to give them their own recognition. 

If you’ve reached this far, thank you for traveling this far, and I hope my list pushed you to watch a movie or two that you haven’t already. Cheers!