Aziz Presents the 5 Most Anticipated Blockbusters of 2017

2016's offering of blockbusters were, for the lack of a better word, a bust. I may be a foreign mumblecore snob, as a friend of mine put it, but I do get excited for these massive events. So seeing as that no more than TWO multi-billion franchise movies passed my "meh" threshold last year, I was kinda disappointed. From the return of my what probably was favorite action franchise  (Jason Bourne), two DC movies that astronomically missed the mark, to even what should have been a feminist renaissance but failed miserably (as a film, but kids love the merch so fuck it).

But man oh man am I excited for what's coming up in the next 8760 hours!

Honorable mentions:

The Fate of the Furious

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Spider-Man: Homecoming

War for the Planet of the Apes

5- Logan

Logan | Official Trailer

What else is there to say?

4- Dunkirk

How can you not watch the footage for Nolan's next movie and not get freaking pumped?! I was fortunate enough to see the 7-minute IMAX reel pre-Rogue One, and that just solidified my stance.

Christopher Nolan may have had 2 misses in a row (I don't care what you fanboys say, TDKR was a mess), I'm still looking forward to his take on the WWII Drama genre. No matter what your opinion is of Nolan, everybody agrees that 'mechanical sound' is a strong suit of his, and we all know what this horrific war didn't lack was old school machinery.

3- Thor Ragnarok


I think I might be the only one who actually quite liked the 1st Thor movie, which was why I was severely disappointed in The Dark World. Unfunny bits (oh haha an old naked man lolololololololololololol), a cookie-cutter villain (he's bad because he wants the world to be dark!!!1!!one), and an unsatisfying relationship with friends I honestly don't give two shits about.

When the title was announced at first and shown with an out of place underwhleming "teaser" in the second Avengers movie, I was rolling my eyes so hard they popped outta my socket and formed a progressive-emo-grunge band to write songs primarily on how I'm unexcited for this movie.

However Taika Waititi was announced to be the director, and that was already enough for me to buy a ticket. Then a short film made by Waititi, showcased in Comic Con, followed what Thor was doing during Civil War (Team Thor - Official Marvel | HD) got me a bit more excited, and THEN at the same conference they showed images of Hulk in battle armor! So not only are they gonna utilized the best relationship in The Avengers movies, but it's gonna be in SPAAAAAAACE!!

So yeah, I'm fucking hyped.

2- Episode VIII 


There is no subtitle, no set images, nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Yet here we are, speculating and gushing about what would happen in the chapter of this universe. Even those who didn't particularly like the last 2 Star Wars outputs are at least curious what Director/Writer Rian Johnson has in store for us.  

It also doesn't hurt that Johnson made Looper, one of 2012's highlights. So yeah.

1- Blade Runner 2049

When I heard that Ridley Scott was gonna do a follow up to the best Sci-Fi movie of all time, I was immediately against the idea from the start. His previous attempt to return to a franchise he started didn't exactly produce the best result.

But then he dropped out of the project, and then Denis Villeneuve was attached instead. Wait, you mean the director I was singing his praises for the past few years is tackling this, and not only that he's bringing Roger Deakins along for the ride?! I haven't seen Arrival yet, and I was already signing the fuck up for this idea. Now that's I've seen it, BR: 2049 propelled itself from a movie I was enticed by, to the top of my most excited list.